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Operations and Finance Update for March 2024

Overview of the NGP's operations and finances for the month of March 2024

Neutron Grants Program

May 7, 2024

Operations Update

Key Developments

  • March was a month preparing for the launch of the Neutron Innovators Program (NIP) and our third grants batch
  • In addition, we paid out the final grant payments for our second batch and gave out the milestone payments for DAODAO's and NewtBot's grants as they reached completion
  • We always completed the migration of our operational funds to a DAODAO-based multisig smart contract

Financial Update

Below, we detail the Neutron Grants Foundation’s Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement, asset report, and breakdown of its transactions in March. All figures are denominated in US dollars unless stated otherwise. The corresponding addresses for the listed accounts are as follows:

Neutron Grants Foundation Balance Sheet As Of 31 March 2024

Neutron Grants Foundation Profit And Loss For March 2024

Neutron Grants Foundation Transactions For March 2024

The following table summarizes the transactions associated with wallets or bank accounts associated with the Neutron Grants Foundation.


We hope this summary of the Neutron Grants Foundation’s operations and finances and feel free to reach out at if you have any questions.